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3rd class Stationary Engineers Needed   720 Views
Posted: Monday, July 25, 2022
By: sweeney.jessica@dystar.com


Shifts: 7:00am – 7:00pm or 7:00pm – 7:00am

Schedule- Rotating Schedule working 3 days on and 4 days off - following week 4 days on and 3 days off.

Salary- Hourly plus overtime based on experience

Operate 3 Boilers during their shift

Do water test for each boiler, water gets out specs deteriorate boiler’s internal parts
Operate cooling towers, the towers will supply cooling to a lot of equipment
Operate and maintain air compressors, the plant runs heavy on-air to operate values
Operate and maintain air dryers, these dryers pull out the moisture in the air
Operates and maintains industrial ammonia refrigeration to ice houses
Operates and maintains wastewater plant, to maintain PH levels to stay in compliance.
Maintain waste cage, manage all plant waste and environmental waste
Maintain underground water system, all sprinkler systems
Operate and maintain plant chillers systems, they supply cooling during the summer
Any other duties as assigned

State of Ohio stationary Engineers License
Have good computer skills
Must know chemicals well to ensure water testing
Basic shop Math and mechanical aptitude.
Minimum 3 years experience

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