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Licensed Boiler Operator CSLTS I - Denver
Posted: Friday, November 16, 2018
By: Colorado Department of Corrections

Salary- $3,984 monthly
Location- Denver, CO
Job Type- Full Time
Closing- 11/29/18 4:00pm MT

In addition to a great agency and rewarding, meaningful work, we offer:
Distinctive career advancement opportunities throughout the state system
Strong, secure, yet flexible retirement benefits including PERA Defined Benefit Plan or PERA Defined Contribution Plan plus 401K and 457 plans
Medical and dental health plans
Short and long-term disability coverage
Paid life insurance
10 paid holidays per year plus vacation and sick leave
Wellness program, tuition reimbursement, training opportunities and more.

This Correctional Support Licensed Trades Supervisor I is the Boiler Operator with Stationary Engineer Certification an the Denver Correctional Complex. Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to: ensure the safety and security of the general public, staff and offenders ensure efficient and effective operations of assigned physical plant areas and to train and supervise offender workers. Position promotes the Colorado Department of Corrections Mission, Vision and Values while adhering to a high level of integrity and commitment.

Safety and Security - position maintains safety and security of facility and work sites through clear and accurate communication trains and guides offenders in the proper use of controlled items, tools, equipment and chemicals enforces security procedures by conducting work site searches, strip searches and offender shakedowns monitors workplace environment and offender behavior, paying close attention to changes, inappropriate activity or potential problems initiates verbal reprimands when warranted and, if necessary, physically controls offenders with the proper application of restraints or use of force techniques monitors, supervises and escorts offenders according to facility policy and limits offender access to restricted areas position performs offender counts and transportation responds to emergency situations such as fights, fires and escapes according to agency policy and writes and submits required reporting. Through conscientious observation, clear communications and adherence to agency Administrative Regulations, facility Implementation Adjustments and the Code of Penal Discipline, position promotes a safe and secure environment. Position is subject to facility call back or working additional hours or shifts to maintain safety and security.

Supervision - provides supervisory duties for assigned offender workers promotes a high level of performance by setting the work standard according to agency mission, vision and values. Trains and instructs staff and offenders in the appropriate use of all relevant tools, equipment and procedures to ensure efficient, safe and effective completion of assigned tasks stresses safe work practices and the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment PPE for self, staff and offenders exemplifies a professional workforce that embodies honesty, integrity and ethical behavior.

Offender Supervision – participates in the interview and hiring process trains offender workers in preventive maintenance, inspection and repairs for the boiler house and water treatment systems monitors project progress, inspects work and ensures timely completion of tasks. Performs offender evaluations, tracks and calculates offender hours and pay, creates schedule and assigns tasks and resolves informal grievances according to agency policy reduces offender idleness and creates real life work opportunities to prepare offenders for community reentry.

Position may provide supervisory duties for additional offender crews in the absence of another supervisor.

Operations – position ensures the safe, efficient, compliant and cost effective execution of assigned tasks and projects, the cleanliness of physical plant and equipment by performing hands on instructional work alongside offender workers. Position is responsible for facility central plant boiler house and water treatment plant position also assists the HVAC specialist with the repair and maintenance of all climate control systems and, when needed, performing other building and grounds maintenance projects.

Boiler House – monitors chillers, boilers, generator, water treatment and electrical switching devices conducts testing, records results and performs any needed maintenance and/or repairs.

Position ensures a clean, safe and secure work environment through scheduled sanitation procedures, tool/key inventory control and compliance to applicable health and safety codes.

Position coordinates logistical support with other trades and shops in order to use resources efficiently completes required documentation such as work orders and incident reports ensures all work completed is in compliance with all applicable standards, codes, regulations and policy.

Active Stationary Engineer Certification
Four 4 years of experience in boiler operations performing preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance.

Successful completion of a formalized apprenticeship program or degree through an accredited, non- correspondence vocational or trade school that resulted in demonstrated competencies equivalent to those learned through the required experience may substitute for experience on a year for year basis. Please attach transcripts if you are using this substitution.Transcripts must include the name of the institution, your student ID #, a listing of the course curriculum.

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