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Stationary Engineer - 2nd Class
Posted: Tuesday, November 14, 2017
By: Loyola University New Orleans


Under direct supervision of the Senior Engineer, the Engineer operates and maintains power plant equipment in the Central Plant and in other outlying buildings.

On call, shift work is required for 24 hour/ 7 days per week coverage. Position is also subject to being on call, schedule changes based on the needs of the university, and long hours in order to complete/perform scheduled or emergency functions/projects.

QUALIFICATIONS: High School Graduate/G.E.D. vocational school in related fields is desirable must possess a City of New Orleans Stationary Engineers certificate of at least Second Class for both air-conditioning and boilers minimum of three years of experience in maintenance and operation of power plant equipment chillers, boilers, high temperature hot water generators, pumps, air compressors, at least one year of which must have been in a plant of comparable size ability to think and act quickly should be mechanically inclined in order to perform emergency repairs in several trade categories good oral and written communication skills good interpersonal relationship skills should be mechanically inclined in order to perform emergency repairs in several trade categories good communication and interpersonal relationship skills requires a working knowledge of mechanical systems, energy management, and computerized systems and software must possess and maintain a current valid driver’s license as a condition of employment, and must also be able to successfully pass any driver background investigation and any driver education courses required by Risk Management must be willing to work overtime when assigned, and to adjust work schedule to the needs of the department when necessary.

Physical requirements: Must be able to lift heavy objects and handle large wrenches. Must be able to withstand heat and dust. Must be able to bend, stoop, climb and work in cramped areas. Considerable walking is required.

Loyola University New Orleans is an Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. We particularly encourage applications from women and members of minority groups protected under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, and persons with physical disabilities.



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