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Job Vacancy
Posted: Wednesday, June 14, 2017
By: Iprocel [2154]

Position: Power Plant Control Room Chief Operator
Technical cualification required: Power Plant 1st Class Engineer in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Location: Salem Harbor Combined-Cycle Power Plant currently under construction and commissioning
Brief description of the utility: multi shaft combined-cycle power plant with 674MW installed consisting of two GE 7F 5-series gas turbines, two steam turbines, and two heat recovery steam generators.
Description of the job:
According to the commissioning manager directions and in coordination with the engineers responsible of the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control areas, operation support should be provided for mechanical systems BOP, balance of plant, gas turbine, steam turbine and heat steam recovery boiler during the commissioning and initial stages of commercial operation. Operation includes the following main tasks: 1 start-up and shutdown of the power plant and of all of its auxiliary systems, 2 monitoring and continuous operation, 3 adjustments of operations to the requirements of commissioning activities or load dispatch center, 3 control of disturbances, 4 maintenance of the readiness for service of the plant during commissioning and downtimes shutdown heating operation or preservation.
Requirements: at least three years of experience with operation of power plants with water-steam cycle.

Please, If you are interested you can send your CV to: dmoscoso@iprocel.com

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